NSK K1-L lubrication unit boosts linear-guide operation

For users of linear guides who want to ensure long-term, maintenance-free operations, NSK can offer its newly developed K1-L lubrication unit. Providing enhanced lubrication capabilities over its predecessor - the K1 (launched in 1996) - NSK´s latest K1-L also contributes to preserving the environment by cutting resource and energy consumption through longer service life, lower friction, and reduced oil usage.

Today´s smart factories and automation technologies are accelerating the industrial landscape, prompting machine builders and plant operators to strive for maintenance-free concepts that can reduce overheads and help deliver competitive gain. To this end, NSK´s K1-L has been designed to provide a higher level of long-lasting lubrication.

Effective lubrication is essential to maintaining linear-guide performance over extended periods. However, deploying regular maintenance routines to apply the necessary lubricant is both time consuming and costly, particularly as it requires stopping machinery. NSK´s K1-L overcomes this issue by improving the capacity of the lubricating oil supply, thus extending maintenance intervals. The upshot is an increase in both uptime and productivity, while maintenance costs are reduced.

Extending the legacy of NSK´s original unit, the K1-L offers a considerable improvement in lubrication capabilities. In fact, thanks to a newly developed resin, the unit can supply oil for nearly twice as long.

Additional benefits of note include the special shape of the K1-L, which reduces dynamic friction force by about 20% when the slider moves along the rail of the linear guide, and a newly developed protective casing to help maintain structural integrity and further impede the entry/release of dust and other particle contaminants.

Initially, the K1-L will be available for the company´s standard range of linear guides (NH and NS series), and expanded to further models moving forward.