Norelem launches all-new flexible clamping bolt

Leading global provider of standard parts and components for the manufacturing industry, norelem, has announced the launch of a new flexible clamping bolt.

Made from aluminium the clamping bolts offer a flexible clamping system to provide secure and powerful clamping for workpieces with regular and irregular outer contours.

Ideal for disproportionate, round, oval, square or even pentagonal metal components, the flexible clamping bolts offer users a quick setup that can be fastened to a machine table with T-slots or directly in a threaded bore.

Used in conjunction with norelem’s clamping screw with clamping ring (04395-11) which can be safely screwed from the top into the flexible clamping bolt, users can avoid scratching or damaging metal components thanks to its soft, replaceable brass material.

Available in two forms, Form A has a standard screw with a low-profile screw head, while Form B has a mounted screw suitable for large series and a flattened clamping ring for quick workpiece removal.

To use the system, users can simply slide the individual bolts into the T-slot of the machine table without a clamping screw and manually position them as a stop against the workpiece to secure the component in place.

Once the flexible clamping bolts are tightened, they can simultaneously serve as both a support and a precise positioning of the workpiece to give users stable and unobstructed access to the metal component. After the task has been completed, the clamps can be simply loosened and the workpiece removed with ease.

The flexible clamping bolt is available in heights of 50mm and 80mm with a range of 5mm to 25mm. Users can also expand the clamping range to 20 - 40mm or 40 - 60mm using norelem’s clamping extensions (04395-13).

Norelem’s flexible clamping bolt can be used across a wide range of manufacturing and engineering sectors.

The firm's products and product team will be at MACH 2024 on stand 18-442 from the 15-18 April.