New mini ball valves from Camozzi

​Responding to a growing demand for miniaturisation, Camozzi Automation’s new Series 29 mini ball valves can be used to open or close air or fluids in industrial applications located in extremely reduced spaces.

The miniaturised dimensions and light weight of Series 29 enables quick installation at any point in the system, with push-in connection or thread and compatibility with polymer tubing, adding to the valves’ ease of use.

Series 29 is particularly suited for use in compressed air systems and hydraulic circuits. Other applications include industrial automation, plumbing and under floor heating systems.

Operational in a temperature range from -10°C to +90°C, Series 29 offers maximum flow capability and is available in Mini (6mm diameter), ECO (6mm-10mm), Butterfly and 3/2-way (both 8mm-10mm) variants. The valves’ easy-to-operate low friction lever offers 90° rotation.

Series 29 valves are made from brass alloy CW617N-DW entirely sourced and manufactured in Italy, with chrome or nickel-plated components ensuring much higher corrosion resistance than regular ball valves.

Offering 2-way flow direction (with drain for 3/2-way version), the valve has a brass body, rod and retainer, with nickel plated brass ball and PTFE ball seals.