New holders for tools with through-tool coolant supply for back working

2 mins read

ARNO Werkzeuge presents well-designed holders for back working for Swiss-type auto lathes.

The range includes fixed holders for Star and Citizen machines with a Y2 axis and height-adjustable holders for machines without a Y2 axis. Both systems offer adjustable through coolant supply direct to the cut point.

The new holders have several features that are hard to find anywhere else. This makes them unique and raises ease of use for back working tools to a new level at a time when there is a shortage of skilled labour.

"Our new height-adjustable holders for back working have a number of features that other conventional systems have to match," noted Werner Meditz, head of technology at Arno Werkzeuge.

The new recently introduced height-adjustable holders for machines without a Y2 axis can be finely pre-adjusted off-machine using an adjustment device. The system consists of a basic holder, spacer plate, top holder and coolant supply attachment. The basic holder is precision clamped and fixed by a dovetail guide.

This increases stability and prevents chip build-up. The tool length is also adjustable by means of a spacer plate. It is simply pushed over the shank of the basic holder. The top holder and coolant supply attachment can each be firmly connected by a simple clamping fixture and secured by just one screw.

When the top holder is changed, the centre height setting is retained and ensures outstanding repeat accuracy. "This offers an incredible time advantage," said Meditz, who is an expert in the field. The system with the height-adjustable basic holders is very well thought out and designed.

The optional coolant supply attachment with adjustable high-pressure jets delivers coolant directly to the tool cutting edge. All holders offer insert pockets with carbide shims to ensure a long-life insert seat.

Fixed holders for Star and Citizen machines with Y2 axis

The centre height setting of the fixed holders with tools for machines with a Y2 axis is changed by the adjustable axis. These holders for Star and Citizen machines are designed in collaboration with the manufacturers to ensure optimum dimensions and are therefore very compact. Combined with their fastening by two screws on the front and on the shaft diameter, these holders promise high stability.

The through tool coolant supply can be connected from either side and the coolant jets are adjustable. The holders can also be fitted "overhead" to optimise chip fall. All holders offer insert pockets with carbide shims to protect the insert seat.

For Star machines, the manufacturer offers a short and a long version of the holders for turning with positive ISO indexable inserts. Holders are also available for both machine types for threading with ER16-ISO inserts, for grooving with Arno TE14 inserts and for boring bar holders with diameters of 6-16 mm.

In addition, the range includes D20 combination holders to install Arno clamping inserts to suit the patented ARNO AMS Mini Boring System. They also allow drilling with collet holders ER16 or ER 20 which have through tool coolant supply.

Accessories always supply coolant to the cutting edge

A wide range of coolant accessories makes it easier to use high-pressure coolant to the tools. The accessories include coolant distributors, hoses, connectors, quick-release couplings, swivel fittings, jets and coolant attachments. This allows turning professionals to utilise the full range of cooling benefits on Swiss-type auto lathes.

Here, too, Arno Werkzeuge provides simple solutions and demonstrates its extensive experience by analysing the situations of many users - especially when skilled labour is becoming increasingly difficult to find for production.