New grades for roughing stainless steels

A new generation of grades developed by Boehlerit for rough-turning stainless steels is available from Horn under a joint sales cooperation agreement between the two tool manufacturers.

The high performance tools are the result of innovations in carbide manufacture, insert coating and chip flow. Their parameters have been finely tuned to create the new grades BCP10T, BCP15T, BCP20T and BCP25T.

All grades offer high performance and reliability throughout the entire turning process. Designated MRM, a special chipbreaker with a modified chamfer suppresses a significant proportion of the vibration generated by the machining process and ensures reliable chip flow.

The new aluminium-titanium-nitride (AlTiN) PVD (physical vapour deposition) coating is designed to meet the most demanding temperature and toughness requirements, while its golden colour allows wear to be detected. The coating allows the machining of small diameter components, as it is capable of operating at low cutting speeds. It is also suitable for turning when the tool is required to enter the material frequently.

With the new MRM chipbreaker, Boehlerit has extended its ISO turning portfolio for medium to heavy roughing of stainless steels and can now offer the perfect indexable insert geometry for virtually any application.

The chipbreaker is an extension of the established BMRS geometry. Although the feed rate ranges are similar, MRM boasts a deeper rake angle, resulting in significant differences in micro-geometry. The development reduces the cutting force, increases process safety and extends cutter life when machining hard stainless steels.