New axis compensation modules from Zimmer Group offers higher force and torque absorption

As a company with a philosophy of ongoing product development, Zimmer Group continues to focus on delivering new and innovative solutions to enhance today’s automated manufacturing processes.

The latest additions to the Zimmer portfolio come in the form of updated versions of the already successful XYR100 axis compensation modules.

With the introduction of the newly developed XYR1000-B series axis compensation modules, Zimmer Group now has variants that currently offer the highest power density on the market and provide an important extension to the company’s comprehensive range of robot accessories.

In addition to the use of new linear guides, other important innovations of the XYR1000-B version include greatly improved technical properties of the axis compensation module compared to its predecessor. For example, moving the linear guide further out and having an overall longer guide length results in a considerably more stable structure.

This enables a much higher force and torque absorption, resulting in the new axis compensation module version being able to withstand higher shock loads. Moreover, enlarging the cylinder diameter allowed the holding forces for both the centred and eccentric holding functions to be significantly increased by an average of 35%.

With this new range there is also a practical selection guide to define the maximum handling weight. The handling weight is used to provide an indicative estimate of which size works for each specific application. Previously there was just a single number value for each standard application, but now there are separate diagrams which include the robot (or gantry) moment and acceleration within the calculation.

The current -1063 to -1160 installation sizes are now enhanced by a total of three more design sizes. The -1040 and -1050 sizes are intended for use with smaller payloads, whilst the -1200 size is more suitable for the heavy-duty range.

A two-point sensor is available as an accessory for piston position sensing. In addition, this accessory has been optimised for production, resulting in manufacturing cost savings that have been passed on directly to the customer.

The cost of the new XYR-B version has therefore been reduced by up to 13% compared to its predecessor. Zimmer’s new axis compensation modules are now available and are completely interchangeable with the previous version.