New 5-axis machining centre is automation-ready

A new, horizontal-spindle, 5-axis machining centre has been introduced by DMG Mori capable of maximising productivity when machining complex workpieces weighing up to one tonne.

The robust INH 63 has a working volume of 1,070 diameter by 1,000mm high and a maximum pallet size of 630 x 630mm. Due to its compact dimensions, it can be integrated easily into automated production systems.

Dies, moulds, battery boxes for electric vehicles and aerospace valve bodies are typical components that might be produced on the machine. Its stable design with a symmetrical structure optimised by FEM and twin ballscrews in all orthogonal axes promote precise, dynamic milling.

Magnescale linear encoders result in high positioning accuracy, while reliable cooling of the ballscrews and other sources of heat suppress thermal displacement and changes in the machine structure.

Compared to the previous model, the manufacturer has increased the cutting capacity by 65 percent. For 5-axis machining, the INH 63 swivels the rotary table from + 45 to -195 degrees, direct drive motors delivering speeds of 90 rpm and 30 rpm respectively.

The powerMASTER spindle is rated at 12,000 rpm, 808 Nm and 85 kW (10%), while a version with up to 16,000 rpm or 1,414 Nm at 8,000 rpm is optional for heavy-duty cutting. For MASTER spindles, DMG Mori provides a warranty of 36 months with no runtime limit.

The wheel magazine, which has 63 tool positions as standard, can be expanded to six wheels, providing space for 363 tools up to 320 mm in diameter by 700 mm long and weighing 35 kg (optionally 50 kg). The high capacity allows long periods of autonomous operation if a large pallet storage solution is integrated.

The INH 63 can be used flexibly in automated production. Either a linear pallet pool or a circular storage system can be supplied, according to the required number of pallet positions and the available production space. Hydraulic clamping pressure is maintained even during automatic pallet change.

The machine is equipped with innovative features that enable energy-efficient operation. For example, the vertical zero-sludgeCOOLANT pro tank increases coolant life, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by up to 7.5 tonnes per year.

Coolant nozzles in the work area having a diameter of 3.8mm do not clog and, with optional AI Chip Removal to take into account the volume of swarf being generated, a coolant delivery energy reduction of up to 57 percent is possible.

Other energy-saving options include the zeroFOG airborne coolant mist collector, which not only keeps the factory environment clean but also reduces the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a further 35 percent.