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Nederman introduces new 'on-torch' weld fume extraction system

2 mins read

Industrial air filtration firm Nederman is now bringing a breath of fresh air to the welding industry with its new on-torch extraction system.

Superseding the existing Fume Eliminator 841 series, the new FE860 is now available with a raft of benefits to comply with new regulations whilst introducing safety features that will guarantee improved respiratory health in the workplace.

Like its predecessor, the FE860 is a portable device that attaches directly to the welding torch to capture weld fume ‘at-source’. From a functionality perspective, that is where the similarities end, as the FE860 incorporates a host of new technologies to improve performance, user-friendliness and safety.

It is acknowledged that all welding torches and applications require different extraction flow rates to extract all the fumes whilst not extracting the shielding gas which can impact the integrity of the welding process. With the new FE860, Nederman makes it possible to alter the suction rate with a new adjustable control panel. This makes it easier and more intuitive for the welder to understand the ideal setting parameters for specific torches and types of welding.

In addition, the FE860 introduces a pressure sensor that will automatically maintain the desired flow rate by increasing the speed of the 1.25kW motor as the filter gets saturated. This new advancement ensures the FE860 that generates an airflow rate of up to 180m3/hr and always maintains the desired suction rate.

When the filter is 85% full and again when it is 100% full, an alarm will notify the operator that action is required. Furthermore, the alarm will sound if the specified flow rate cannot be maintained or if sudden pressure changes are detected. These new features comply with the requirements of ISO: 21904, the new standard succeeding ISO: 15012 (W3).

This new standard requires a minimum airflow and speed at the nozzle and that all possible measures are taken to alert the user of any type of extraction unit malfunction that could result in inadequate airflow. Since the HSE re-classified weld fume as carcinogenic and updated the safety regulations in 2019, it is imperative that any facility undertaking welding complies with the Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) regulations to prevent enforcement action.

To accommodate the enhanced motor and the extraction regulations, the FE860 incorporates a larger 2.5m by 50mm diameter hose and an upgraded mechanical design that reduces leakages. This improves performance by 50%, enabling the FE860 to work in more demanding on-torch applications whilst extending the filter life and enabling the desired suction to be maintained for longer periods.

The new FE860 incorporates a host of additional features that include an auto stop/start feature with a fixed delay time, so when the welder stops welding, the motor will stop after 10 seconds, providing a fixed delay on the system.

Additionally, Nederman has introduced a new Nanofiber filter material to improve efficiency when protecting users from sub-micron particulate. The strategy being undertaken by Nederman is to roll out Nanofiber technology for all its mobile units and the FE860 will include an F9 / MERV 14 Nanofiber filter that has been reinforced to support the higher motor pressure. The new 5.3m2 filter provides improved performance levels when compared to the previous FE840/841 units.