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Nederman develops new Fume Eliminator FE860

The on-torch weld fume extraction market has evolved, and Nederman has now developed its new Fume Eliminator FE860. Superseding the FE841 which has been the industry standard since its launch, the new FE860 brings a multitude of new features that will ensure your business is HSE compliant.

The HSE classified weld fume as carcinogenic and updated the safety regulations in 2019, strengthening its enforcement expectations for all welding fume and Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV). To ensure your business is compliant and to avoid enforcement proceedings, the Nederman FE860 should be on your shopping list.

The small, lightweight, portable extraction unit is a paradigm shift from its predecessor that has proven invaluable in improving the air quality of workshops where welding is carried out. The new FE860 incorporates an upgraded motor, filter and control system that combine to enhance functionality, performance and safety for the end user.

As with all Nederman products, exceeding customer safety expectations and meeting compliance regulations is paramount. To this end, the new FE860 is approved for ISO: 21904, the new international standard that succeeds ISO: 15012. The new standard requires welding workshops to secure a minimum airflow rate and speed at the nozzle.

Furthermore, the regulation highlights the need to secure measures to alert the user of any type of malfunction of the extraction unit that could lead to inadequate airflow. Here, Nederman has introduced a pressure sensor to monitor the filter status.

This innovative system warns users when the filter is 85% full with an additional warning for pressure changes that indicate when the flow rate cannot be maintained. Additionally, the FE860 filter cartridge has been redesigned with a reinforced construction that can withstand higher negative pressure.

The upgraded cartridge is also tested for class W3 efficiency (minimum 99%). Not only does the FE860 meet W3 and ISO: 21904 requirements, but the filter efficiency rating also meets F9 (En 779) and MERV 14 (ASHRAE 52.2) requirements.