Mirka introduces new hybrid-bonded cup grinding wheels to deliver higher efficiency

Mirka UK is introducing the Mirka Cafro E-Cup 11V9, a new set of hybrid-bonded cup grinding wheels which deliver higher performance, efficiency and greater sustainability when manufacturing tools.

By optimising the structure of the 11V9 hybrid grinding wheel, production and lead times are reduced, streamlining operations and increasing production cycles. 

The improved version uses materials that have less impact on the environment including an innovative sustainable resin on the support rim and a lead-free metal alloy for the lower section, eliminating an environmental toxin.

The support rim of the new Cafro E-Cup 11V9 wears at the same rate as the abrasive rim so operators no longer have to stop the machine and disassemble the wheel to relieve the body, saving time and increasing total productivity.

Its diamond grains and hybrid bond ensure maximum precision while retaining the profile, and the grinding wheel delivers excellent stability during grinding operations due to its new materials.

Chris Brook, business sector manager transport & industry Mirka UK, said: “This latest product introduction is a testament to Mirka’s ongoing commitment to invest in the development of the most innovative, sustainable and powerful abrasives to serve the tool manufacturing sector.”