Mapal introduces cassette for its HX reamers and fine boring tools

Users of Mapal reamers and fine boring tools with HX indexable blades no longer need to set the blades' back taper manually, thanks to the design of a cassette that inherently takes account of back taper. As well as saving time, points out Mapal, it also means that different back tapers can be selected simply by changing the cassette.

The six cutting edge Mapal HX indexable blade tools employ guide-pad technology and are capable of good circularity, cylindrical form and surface finish when precision boring in castings and steel. The cassette design, which incorporates a simple adjustment system, accommodates the blades without play. Accurate guidance of the cassette on a precision pin, ensures that the back taper remains unchanged even when the diameter setting is adjusted. In addition, the cassette has a triple surface contact, in each of the directions in which forces act, to prevent tipping or settling. As the cassette allows standard indexable blades to be used in tools with different back tapers, fewer variants are needed in the production area, and quantities required can be combined. A further benefit is that in cases of wear or damage to a blade seat due to a blade fracture, the cassette can easily be replaced.