Mapal expands narrow contour HTC chucks

Mapal has expanded its programme of narrow contour HTC clamping chucks that, thanks to the use of additive manufacturing techniques, does not feature a restrictive brazed joint.

The hydraulically clamped chucks can secure diameters of 3, 4 and 5 mm (without reduction sleeves), making them suitable for sectors such as medical, watchmaking and jewellery. Moreover, Mapal says that the advantages of combining hydraulic clamping technology with the contour of a narrow shrink chuck can now also be enjoyed on a micro-scale.

Like its counterpart for diameters above 6 mm, the narrow contour HTC is made using additive manufacturing as the clamping area is very close to the front of the chuck. As a result, concentricity of <3 micron is achieved at the locating bore, and <5 micron at 2.5xD.

The chuck offers an operating temperature range of up to 170°C, while balancing quality is G=2.5 at a turning speed of 25,000 rpm.