Magnetic device boosts raw material handling productivity

Magnetic device boost raw material handling productivity

With Tecno-lift one single operator with a remote control can perform all the picking-up, lifting, handling and releasing operations entirely independently, while staying at a safe distance from the load. This represents a substantial saving in manpower as no other personnel is required to attach, manage and maintain the belts, chains or safety tools required for a conventional lift with an overhead crane. Tecno-lift works on the principle of a permanent electro circuit which offers the power of an electro-magnet combined with the independence of a permanent magnet. The power is only applied for a few seconds to attach the lifting head to the load, which is then safely and securely clamped in position for an indefinite period of time. The load can be lifted, moved, positioned or suspended as required and the load can only be released when it is back on the ground, on a machine, truck or racking system, by a further short application of power. No battery back-up is required to guard against power cuts and electrical consumption for this type of magnet is 95 per cent less than with normal electro-magnets. The operator can control and adjust the magnetic flux within a very small depth, making it possible to lift one or several plates at a time which eliminates the need for wooden spacers between loads and because there is no deformation, the load is more stable during transportation. The lifting system is also able to make much more efficient use of floor space as no empty areas are required either side or in between the loads for access, something that would normally be needed to attach the chains and belts.