M175 MillTurn now available from Kyal Machine Tools

With its latest M-series product – the M175 MillTurn – WFL is launching a new giant of complete machining. This turning, boring and milling machine offers a swing diameter of up to 1,750 mm and can accommodate up to 15,000 kg on the work table due to a newly developed, large-sized bed guideway for the steady rest and tailstock. UK availability is via Kyal Machine Tools.

The M175 MillTurn has an X-axis stroke of 1,620 mm and a Y-axis stroke of 1,100 mm, and can therefore be used for applications such as deep radial machining, for example. Due to the large volume box structure of the machine’s cross slide – with a very wide bed guide base and precision ground guideways in the X and Z axes – the tool carrier system has particularly high stability. This robust construction is combined with proven main and milling spindle systems, whose 113 and 58 kW drives are said to be extremely reliable in their performance.

A HSK-A100 tool interface is provided as standard, while a Capto C8 is optional. Furthermore, high-performance drives maximise the feed strength and ensure a speed of processing that WFL says is unrivalled in a machine of these dimensions. Thanks to the B axis, the workpiece can be machined at any angle and, if needed, using 5-axis interpolation.

The M175 MillTurn is suited for both heavy machining and high-precision finishing. From a technology perspective, the list of potential applications is long: large landing legs, huge crankshafts, turbine and generator shafts, large valve blocks, and shafts and rollers used in heavy industry.

Tools with lengths up to 900 mm in length, weighing up to 35 kg, can be stored in the forward-accessible tool magazine with up to 200 tool stations. The machine operator can easily equip tools via the large window.

With the M175 MillTurn, an increase in productivity becomes reality through a large variety of automation solutions. WFL and its subsidiary FRAI Robotic Solutions have decades of expertise and offer a variety of automation options for different requirements. The range of products includes straightforward loading using articulated robots, a variety of gripper systems, and gantry loaders with peripheral transport and storage systems for workpieces, tools and jaws.