Larger self-contained robot systems extend benefits

Compact, self-contained robot welding stations which are easy to install, easy to operate and can be moved around to suit production changes are helping users to exploit the benefits of using robotic systems across a wider range of manufacturing applications.

A good example of this is the range of self-contained robotic systems from YASKAWA which has recently been extended following the introduction of the ArcWorld CS cell, a larger model added to the existing smaller HS Micro and RS Mini systems.

Based on a platform, the ArcWorld CS robotic welding station is designed with a host of user-friendly features which help to deliver the best performance, on the smallest possible space featuring a separate working area for the robot and operator respectively. The design means the robot, positioner, controller and power supply are all mounted on a self-contained common platform which also allows space for two welding robots, without the need to increase floor space.

The scope of delivery includes; the MOTOMAN welding robot, (or robots), the platform, metal walls, a fume hood with outlets for ventilation and exhaust, a positioner or fixed table, start panel and CE-marking. The user friendly design of the CS system gives operators their own separate working area in a bright workplace with curved sliding plexi doors and the required materials close at hand.

Connection of the CS system is easy, simply plug in the main power to the power distribution box located on the back of the platform while internal connection to the robot controller and interior lighting are already in place. In addition to the outlet for the welding power source the power distribution box also have extra sockets for 230 VAC and 400 VAC that can be used for other equipment, while sockets for connecting pressurised air are located nearby.

With over 500,000 units installed worldwide, Yaskawa is the largest manufacturer of industrial welding robots worldwide.

The extensive ArcWorld range now covers nearly all options of robotic welding applications, such as; MIG, TIG, Plasma, spot and laser welding. The corresponding drive and control technology, along with turnkey automated welding systems, from standard cells to more complex customised systems combined with market leading expertise, underpins the success of the Motoman ArcWorld range of robotic welding systems.