Kyocera MFH Mini suits high feed milling

Kyocera's MFH Mini is a small diameter, high feed end-mill with newly designed insert and dedicated holder. Pitched at mouldmaking operations, the MFH Mini is available in cutting diameters ranging from 15.875 to 31.75 mm.

The double-sided, four-edge negative insert features a design that is said to reduce impact when making initial contact with the workpiece, thus achieving smooth cutting with low resistance. As a result, the insert reduces chattering and enables increased feed rates. In addition, the MFH Mini exhibits high chip evacuation, due to the design of the chipbreaker.

The product is available with a CVD- or a PVD-coated insert that is suitable for face-milling, shouldering, contouring, slotting, pocketing, ramping and helical milling on materials that include tool steels and nickel-based heat resistant alloys.