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ITC present new Widia VariMill chip splitter tools

Since their market introduction the Widia VariMill range of end mills from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) have proven to be a gamechanger for manufacturers in all industry sectors.

Now, this dynamic range of solid carbide end mills has evolved once again with the arrival of the new high performance machining line of VariMill Chip Splitter end mills.

Suitable for cutting materials ISO groups P, M, K, S and H, the new series is a genuine high-performance tool that delivers exceptional material removal rates. The exciting new Chip Splitter series has been designed for dynamic milling, ramping, helical interpolating and side milling at high speeds and feed rates with exceptional chip control.

This enables the tool to run with a longer axial depth of cut while productively diving into deep pockets in high-temperature alloys, steel and stainless steel. The Chip Splitter series is available as a 5 or 7-flute variant with Widia’s WP15PE and WS15PE carbide grades to accommodate the machining of a wide range of materials.

The new VariMill Chip Splitter has features incorporated that improve chip evacuation by breaking the chips into the smallest possible segments. This simplifies swarf removal from the work area and it significantly improves cutting speeds and feeds when processing small pockets up to 5XD or when machining at full depth of cut.

The 7-flute end mills are available with a straight or Weldon shank in 3XD or 5XD variants. The straight shank 3XD end mills are available in 10, 12 and 16mm diameters with the Weldon shank designation also offering a 20mm diameter variant. The 3XD tools have a flute length from 32 to 50mm with an overall length of 80 to 110mm.

Similarly, the 5XD plain shank variant is available from 10 to 16mm diameter with the Weldon shank also offering a 20mm diameter variant. The exceptionally robust geometry with a thick core and ultra-tough micro-grain carbide substrate as well as a 0.3mm corner radius – all combine to deliver astounding tool life and longevity.