ITC introduces Widia indexable milling line

​Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has now announced the arrival of the latest Widia indexable milling platform for heavy-duty milling operations.

The new M8065HD milling system for machining steel and cast-iron materials has been designed with eight cutting edges and extra-wide chip gashes. This makes the new M8065HD capable of achieving deep depths of cuts while producing high metal removal rates during face and shoulder milling applications.

Furthermore, the new platform offers reduced set-up times and inventory costs by utilising just one tool for multiple operations when milling steel and cast iron.

“Face milling is one of the most common machining operations, so we designed a versatile and cost-effective solution that delivers substantial improvements in metal removal rates in steel and cast iron for our customers,” said Christine Schneider, Widia senior global portfolio manager.

“The M8065HD represents a turnkey solution for general engineering, energy and automotive customers who want to reduce their face milling tooling inventory and increase their machining output.”

Now available from Tamworth cutting tool manufacturer ITC, the new milling line is engineered with a 65-degree approach angle and a 6.35mm thick insert.

The new M8065HD line is currently available with one universal insert geometry in three versatile grades, the WP35CM, WK15CM and WU20PM. The WP35CM grade demonstrates exceptional performance levels on all types of steels, while the WK15CM grade is designed for cast iron materials and performs best in dry applications. However, it can also be used in wet conditions.

The universal WU20PM grade can be applied to the machining of steel, stainless steel and high-temperature alloys in both dry and wet applications. All insert grades are designed with a 2.37mm wiper facet to provide superior reliability and surface finishes.

These key design features coupled with the eight-cutting edge insert design enables customers to reduce overall machine set up times and inventory costs by utilising one tool for multiple operations. The M8065HD indexable milling cutters are available in nine metric diameter ranges from 50mm to 315mm.

Enquiries and orders for the M8065HD tool bodies and inserts as well as other Widia metal cutting tools can be placed through Tamworth based ITC.