ITC introduces new tapping chucks

​Now available from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) is the Mega Synchro Tapping Chuck from BIG KAISER. The innovative new tapping chuck has a special function built-in to compensate for synchronisation errors that may occur during rigid tapping.

The comprehensive new product line from ITC incorporates more than 60 body types and 193 tap holders. The exceptionally diverse portfolio enables the end-user to select the perfect combination between the fixture and the tap holder, providing the ideal cantilever length for any machine and processing scenario.

There are a multitude of tapping systems available, however, synchronisation errors often remain during tapping. A small gap is caused by timing during the change between forward and reverse rotation of the spindle and the feed direction from minus to plus.

In addition, distance tolerances on the tap also cause errors. Depending on the shape, some taps also have a stronger cutting resistance that creates another anomaly. The Mega Synchro Tapping Chuck from BIG KAISER compensates for synchronisation errors with any type of tap as the system minimises thrust load to both the tap and workpiece, thus improving thread quality and extending tap life.

The Mega Synchro Tapping Chuck that is available from ITC incorporates a unique feature that intercepts the tap-to-spindle distance when using a tapping cycle to reduce cutting forces. This is complemented by a body and tap holder that are fixed with a drive key in the rotation direction as well as the square of the tap to guarantee stability and process security.

This process security is further improved by the coolant system that delivers coolant through the tool as well as around the periphery of the tool simultaneously.

ITC’s Andy Boyles said: “The are many companies now producing a ‘Synchro’ type tapping head, but the BIG KAISER Mega Synchro Tapping head, has a unique difference. Due to its design, it is possible to interchange the tap holders to different sizes, and it is available in several different lengths.

"Furthermore, the system permits through coolant Synchro tapping in very deep holes with a very stable set up. It is also extremely cost-effective when compared to an ER collet type Synchro tapping head. Synchro tapping heads reduce the load applied to the tap at the reversal of the spindle, this improves thread quality and increases tool life. Like anything we sell at ITC, we are always keen to prove the capabilities of the system to the customer with a no-obligation trial.”