ITC introduce new Big Kaiser chucks for sliding head turning

In 2018, Big Kaiser introduced hydraulic chucks for Swiss-type turning centres in what was considered the first major improvement to the technology for more than 30 years.

Now, Big Kaiser has expanded the program to include inch-size Standard Type chucks, as well as the new F-Type and R-Type chucks that are all now available in the UK from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC).

The new F-Type single wrench system simplifies cutting tool changes on the tool post significantly, saving setting time for the machine operator. The easy-access rear clamping design is ideal for configurations where the hydraulic chucks are installed on the front tool post of the sliding head turning centre.

Clamping from the opposite side of the cutting tool and the optimised overall length design improve overall ease of use. The F-Type is available in a clamping range from 3 to 10mm and through coolant delivery is also possible.

Alongside the new F-Type single wrench system is the exciting new R-Type designation. This innovative design eliminates interference when working on both the upper and lower tool post positions. This is a credit to a unique block design and screw tightening at an offset position on the tool side. The R-Type is available in a clamping range from 3 to 10mm and its oil hole drills can be used for coolant delivery when mounted on the upper section of a sliding head turning centre.

The Standard Type Hydraulic Chucks with tool-side clamping have now been expanded to create availability in inch sizes with the clamping range of 1/8”, 3/16” and 1/4” diameter.

To minimise machine downtime and provide operator safety, the new hydraulic chucks use a simple hex wrench that requires only two to three turns for both clamping and unclamping. Tightening is complete when the clamping screw hits the bottom; so controlling the tightening torque is not required. Once the hydraulic chuck is centred, the runout will not vary, even if the cutting tool is repeatedly changed.

Runout of fewer than three microns at four times diameter can be achieved, improving precision, concentricity and repeatability. The hydraulic chucks have a standard pipe thread for through coolant connection and are available for most sliding head turning centres with a 22mm straight shank capacity.