ITC Introduce new Big Kaiser Basemaster

When it comes to tool pre-setting, the Big Kaiser Base Master Mini from Industrial Tooling Corporation (ITC) has proven its credentials as the leading system for precision tool measurement with unsurpassed simplicity. Now, the Base Master Mini has received two upgrades.

The first upgrade replaces the single LED indicator on Base Master devices with a 360-degree light. This makes it easy for operators to see contact from any orientation. This improves the visibility of the indicator light and also enhances the user-friendliness of the device.

Secondly, the Base Master Mini is now available with a side handle. This makes it easier to use on turning centres with limited operator access. The Base Master Mini's compact design makes it quick and simple to pre-set the offset position while providing extremely accurate results to a height tolerance of just 5µm. With a standard height of only 20mm, it is ideal for small Swiss-type lathes and compact machine tools with little room for manoeuvre.

The Base Master lineup can be used with all types of machine tools and materials, including non-conductive cutting tools, workpieces and machine tools. The system enables operators to quickly measure workpiece offsets, tool lengths, and cutting edges with zero risk of damage or breakage, at sub-millimetre levels when needed.

There are three Base Master models available. The range includes the BM-50H, BM-50GH, BM50-MH, and one Base Master Mini - the BMM-20H. For maximum flexibility in real-world conditions, the Base Master series offers exceptional precision with a repeatability of just ±1µm.

From a flexibility standpoint, the system has a solid magnetic base that mounts vertically, horizontally, or at any angle. Optionally, the BM-50H is available without a magnet. This configuration is often required to machine additively manufactured work materials.

For Swiss-type turning centres, ITC also offers the Big Kaiser high-precision hydraulic chucks. These can reduce the time required to replace cutting tools. It can also improve the safety and repeatability of the tool runout. 

“We design our products based on the requirements of machine tool builders, so we can be confident there is a solution for any customer need,” said Giampaolo Roccatello, chief sales & marketing officer for Europe at Big Kaiser.