Hyfore presents 'easy to integrate' automation solutions

According to Hyfore Workholding, automating your machining centre has never been so easy with the arrival of the Midaco automatic pallet changing system. This affordable state-of-the-art technology can be integrated into virtually any machining centre to improve your up-time and spindle utilisation rates whilst reducing your costs.

With decades of expertise in fast change pallet systems, USA based Midaco has now developed its latest range of adaptable automated pallet systems that are available from the UK’s leading automation, workholding and integration experts, Hyfore Workholding.

The Midaco automatic pallet changing system can be retrofitted to any new or existing machining centre, so operators can load, unload, inspect parts and set up jobs while an alternate pallet is in the machine and running.

The Midaco automatic pallet loader incorporates a PLC that is fully integrated with the machine tool, Mitsubishi control interface, a servo drive system, a receiver unit that mounts directly onto the machine tool table with hardened and ground location pins and a pallet system with precision ground rails to ensure long-term precision operation. Customers can also opt for the optional extra of a 3-sided enclosure to maximise safety.

The benefit of this easy to integrate automation system is that it can be integrated with any machine tool with absolute ease, heavy and large workpieces can easily be loaded outside the machine envelope and the pallets can be easily interchangeable between machine tools or different departments.

Furthermore, the operator can load, unload, inspect parts and set up components whilst the alternate pallet is in the machine and your spindle is running. This maximises your machine uptime and optimises the efficiency of the operator.

The automatic pallet system is available with several variants from the Series 16SD through the Series 120SD. The smallest pallet system has dimensions of 559 by 356mm with the largest pallet measuring 3810 by 990mm with a pallet load capacity from 125kg through to 3,636kg. This expansive range of dimensions and load capacities makes the Midaco automatic pallet system suitable for everything from the smallest to the large component range.

The most compact system in the series has a footprint of 894 by 1,143mm with the largest solution having a floor area of 2,350mm by 4,877mm. The Midaco range also incorporates dual automatic systems, manual pallet systems, micro pallet systems and manual lift-off systems – so whatever you require, Hyfore Workholding can accommodate your requirements.

As well as providing an expansive range of automated and manual pallet handling systems, Hyfore Workholding is also the UK’s leading supplier of standard and specialist workholding solutions as well as the industry’s leading bespoke workholding, clamping and automation experts.

With an internal team of design engineers and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Hyfore has a team of 30 engineers that can go above and beyond your requirements to engineer, implement and prove out a workholding, fixturing, jig or clamping system and even automate the solution to meet the exact needs of your business.