Guhring to premiere new milling lines at MACH 2022

Guhring will return to the MACH exhibition at the Birmingham NEC. In Hall 19 on Stand 210, the cutting tool manufacturer will be introducing new product lines alongside established industry-leading ranges. The Guhring stand will showcase a complete range of threading, turning, drilling and milling tools, many of which will be live cutting at MACH on a Grob 5-axis machining centre that will be on the Guhring stand.

From its extensive milling portfolio, Guhring will be giving a MACH show debut to the impressive new RF100 Sharp Series of high-performance end mills – and this range will be put through its paces on the Grob to emphasise the performance characteristics of the end mills. Designed to address the issue of machining soft, tough and high-alloyed materials that create an issue with swarf clearance, the new RF100 Sharp Series is Guhring’s sharpest solid carbide milling tool to date.

The new RF100 Sharp demonstrates extremely smooth cutting action and chip removal and it is also an extremely flexible end mill suitable for slotting, ramping, roughing, helical milling, finishing and trochoidal cutting. The smooth cutting action combined with the potential to be used in a wide variety of applications makes the new RF100 Sharp, the end mill of choice on challenging material types.

The 4-flute end mills are suitable for machining steel, stainless steel, aluminium, aluminium alloys and other challenging materials. Available in three versions, an extra-long design long (DIN+) that is an extension on the long (DIN) version but has an even longer cutting edge and there is also a standard length end mill. The RF100 Sharp is offered in all common sizes up to 20mm diameter. Depending upon the chosen diameter, the RF100 Sharp is supplied with an overall length from 50 to 104mm with a flute length from 3 to 41mm.

Following the success of the Diver Series of end mills, Guhring has now extended the benefits of this industry-leading series to the micromachining sector with the new RF100 Micro Diver. The new micro-precision milling range is a universal tool for every material and application. Providing plunging and milling in a single tool, the new RF100 Micro Diver permits extreme cutting values with very highly cutting depths. Available in two variants, the 6808 and 6809, the RF100 Micro Diver features a symmetrical drilling face for stability when ramping and drilling, a new transition geometry to improve rigidity and an innovative flute form that further enhances rigidity and eliminates vibration.

The RF100 Micro Diver Series is suitable for cutting materials up to 48HRC at depths up to 5XD. With a 40degree helix angle to evacuate chips from the work area when conducting high-speed machining, the Series is available with a cutting diameter from 0.79mm to 3.175mm with a multitude of dimensional increments available.

Appearing alongside the new ranges will be established lines like the RF100 5-Speed and RF100 7-Speed solid carbide end mills. Developed for the machining of very tough materials, the RF100 5-Speed and RF100 7-Speed solid carbide end mills take cutting speeds and process reliability to a new level. The increased tooth number of the five-fluted 5-Speed and seven-fluted 7-Speed generate high metal removal rates with stable process reliability, even when processing the most difficult-to-machine materials. As part of the highly dynamic Guhring Trochoidal Cutting (GTC) series, the new RF100 5-Speed and RF100 7-Speed are perfect for machining tough stainless steels, special alloys and a wide variety of steel and cast-iron grades.

The optimal cutting conditions for the RF 100 5-Speed is applications on all tough materials up to 1200N/mm² and where a ramping angle of up to 10° is required. The innovation is also perfect for slotting with cutting depths up to 1XD and helical milling. Whilst the RF 100 7-Speed is also the perfect choice for tough materials up to 1400N/mm², the seven fluted variant is also ideal for helical milling at in-feeds of up to 0.05XD ap per cycle.

From a dimension perspective, the new RF 100 5 and 7 Speed are available with cutting diameters of 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20mm with a necked diameter that permits cutting depths from 20 to over 60mm depending upon the diameter selected.

Also, on show at MACH will be the Ratio® line of roughing end mills. With flat crested geometry and an optimised roughing profile that demonstrates 60% longer service life, the Ratio® high-performance roughing cutter has several geometry adjustments aimed at providing performance. The Ratio® increases material removal rates with its asymmetrical cutting flutes that reduce cutting pressure compared to smooth cutters.

As well as demonstrating an extensive range of innovative solid carbide tooling solutions, Guhring engineers will be on hand at MACH to discuss the scope of special tooling solutions that can be designed, developed, manufactured and trialled at the Guhring facility in Birmingham. Guhring UK has a team of expert engineers that can create productivity, cost, inventory and cycle time savings for UK manufacturers.

As part of the stand at MACH, Guhring will also be demonstrating its extensive PCD cutting tool portfolio. The extensive range of PCD milling tools includes 2, 3 and 4 cutting edge PCD slot drills and end mills with through-coolant that are all available with a wide variety of shank forms and tolerances, surface finishes and coatings, helix and rake angles and cutting edges. For more information on how to improve your milling performance, please visit the Guhring in Hall 19 Stand 210 at MACH 2022.