Guhring introduce new G-Mold series

2 mins read

Cutting tool manufacturer Guhring has released a new range of innovative tools designed especially for companies working in the mould and die industry.

As the company celebrates its 125th anniversary, the new range incorporates more than a centenary of expertise and technology to present the very latest innovations.

One standout performer is the G-Mold milling line which allows manufacturers to benefit from the longest possible tool life and the best component surfaces. For maximum process reliability, precision and repeatability that delivers impeccable surface finishes, the rigid design is perfect for intricate parts that demand polished surfaces.

The new range, which can be seen in the new Mould and Die catalogue, presents a wealth of new product lines that include the latest milling, drilling, threading, reaming and countersinking innovations with the new G-Mold milling line for mould making already proving to be an extremely popular range.

The new G-Mold milling series has been developed to maximise tool life when machining materials up to 65HRc. With the new Guhring Signum and Perrox coating technologies and the ultra-hard carbide substrate, the G-Mold demonstrates unprecedented levels of performance with long-lasting cutting-edge performance and impeccable levels of surface finish.

The extended tool life and performance are further enhanced by the Guhrojet peripheral cooling system that delivers through tool coolant or compressed air to remove swarf while keeping the cutter body structurally sound and improving process reliability.

The G-Mold series is available with ball nose, torus, finishers, radius finisher, universal and high-feed variants that all incorporate micron precision radius accuracy. Three prominent new arrivals include the new 55 and 65 G-Mold Series ball nose tools and the high feed range.

The new G-Mold 65B series of high-precision 2 and 4-flute ball nose cutters for machining up to 65HRc incorporate a radius contour tolerance of ±0.005mm to ensure component contour accuracy and repeatability, with a centre cutting geometry, 25 degree flute and neck clearance for extended reach applications.

Available in diameters from 0.2 to 12mm with a reach from 9 to 75mm depending upon the variant selected, the G-Mold 65B is suitable for hard materials, cast iron and steel machining where optimum performance, tool life and surface finishes are a necessity.

Alongside the G-Mold 65B series in the catalogue, is the new G-Mold 55B series. More of an allrounder, the G-Mold 55B is suitable for machining steel, stainless steel, cast iron, super-alloys and hard materials up to 55HRc. Like the G-Mold 65B, the G-Mold 55B is available from 0.5 to 12mm diameter with neck clearance and a centre cutting geometry.

For mould tool companies that demand the epitome of high-performance cutting, the G-Mold 65 HF high-feed series has been developed for high-feed roughing with low depths of cut and maximum feed rates to optimise metal removal rate.

Presented in diameters from 1 to 16mm, the G-Mold 65 HF high-feed series incorporates Guhring’s Guhrojet peripheral cooling from 1 to 3mm diameter with central through coolant for 4mm diameter and above. With a corner radius and optimised tool geometry, the 4-flute end mills can perform high-feed rates on all material types.