Greenleaf Corporation launches quick-change toolholders range

​Greenleaf Corporation has launched a line of quick-change toolholders, or ISO-standard toolholders with quick-change shanks. The Greenleaf Quick-Change Toolholders conform to ISO 26623, utilise standard components and are designed to maximise tool life in carbide and ceramic turning applications.

According to Bernie McConnell, executive vice president - commercial at Greenleaf Corporation: “The Greenleaf Quick-Change Toolholders expand our tooling portfolio and open up a significant market opportunity.”

Features and benefits of the Greenleaf Quick-Change Toolholders include:

  • ISO 26623 shanks available in C6 and C8 sizes
  • Two high pressure coolant nozzles precisely aimed at the cutting edge to aid in chip removal and improve tool life
  • All holders designed with additional axial and radial clearance to allow for use in both external and internal turning applications
  • Holders for positive V-bottom inserts use replaceable nests, resulting in lower replacement costs if damage occurs
  • Holders for negative inserts utilise same 10° side rake angles as our standard ceramic turning toolholders proven to offer better tool life with Greenleaf ceramic inserts
  • Holders for negative inserts are designed to hold pinlock inserts using optional components
  • Greenleaf’s special design capabilities offer customers unique solutions to further increase productivity.