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GF Machining Solutions introduces its new ‘F’ series of EDM machines

GF Machining Solutions, the EDM, milling, laser and additive manufacturing machine tool manufacturer, and a supplier of advanced automation, tooling and work-holding systems has introduced a new range of wire EDM machines into the market.

The AgieCharmilles CUT F series, comprises two models (CUT F 350 and CUT F 600), each equipped with GF Machining Solutions’ proprietary UNIQUA control, Intelligent Spark Protection System (ISPS), iWire intelligent functions and RFID Smart Wire system. At the heart of every machines is the proven high-end IPG-DPS generator.

CUT F machines deliver improved performance and optimised precision. The range sits in-between the company’s already established CUT E and CUT P series’ of wire EDM machines and features the tried, tested and trusted SparkTrack technology platform.

The new C-frame machines feature an enhanced design that improves thermal stability and vibration control resulting in higher part accuracies and superior surface finishes. Specific features include axis optical encoders that are cooled via the work tank and the dielectric fluid, and high-accuracy, high-grade ballscrews that improve positional accuracies.

CUT F machines are supplied with a sophisticated and intuitive iHMI with a 19” vertical touch screen, a full keyboard and a mouse. The UNIQUA platform interface supports offline and at-the-machine programming and facilitates sequential and object-oriented programming. The control is equipped with a powerful graphic tool with an integrated CAM system and is compatible with major CAD/CAM programs.

The iWire function automatically identifies and adapts the wire speed to changing erosion height conditions during the wire EDM process and, by doing so, eliminates wire breakage while reducing overall wire consumption per job – in some instances by as much as 29%.

iWire technology works in tandem with ISPS – both of which are accessed from the UNIQUA control

iWire functionality recognises where sparks are occurring in the process and identifies and measures the position of each spark along the length of the EDM wire. Knowing the precise location of a spark allows iWire to automatically adapt the wire spool feed rate. This is especially important during lights-out, unattended operations, and when machining stepped parts.

The RFID Smart wire spool technology stores wire characteristics as well as other traceability-related data.

CUT F machines deliver high precision, fast processing speeds and improved process control.

They are aimed at precision component manufacturers and mould makers and because they can achieve consistently high accuracies and surface finishes, will be of interest to medical, automotive and ICT component, and mould tool/press tool, manufacturers.