Geomagic introduces 2013 versions of its 3D digital reality software

Geomagic has introduced 2013 versions of its Geomagic Qualify, Geomagic Studio and Geomagic Wrap software which transform scan and probe data into 3D for use in design, manufacturing and metrology applications.

The 2013 releases provide deeper platform access and greater opportunity for the user to write custom functionality – like inspection protocols, constrained alignments, CAD model access and reporting – using Python scripting. Enhanced Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerance (GD&T) probing and measurement functions include CAD-less definition of nominal geometry, improved prompts to probe test data, and a more detailed Measure Features command that delivers measured and nominal features plus deviations. The products now have more streamlined workflows to help customers improve inspection, produce better products, and reduce operating and manufacturing costs. Geomagic Qualify makes interactivity between the engineer and the software more intuitive, especially in the QuickFeature and QuickProbe toolsets. These make it even easier to measure the size of manufactured parts while performing automated inspection and measurement in near real time on the shopfloor. Geomagic Studio, an advanced automated point cloud clean-up, mesh repair and patch solution, assists in the production of highly accurate 3D polygonal models from scan data. The latest version provides increased automation and includes Python scripting and a command line-driven version of the software to enable the creation and execution of customised macros and scripts without a graphical user interface. This allows commands to run faster and use less memory. Geomagic Studio 2013 also has the ability to capture design intent from any shape for history-based CAD platforms, an easy to learn interface for streamlined functionality and fast operations, and a wide array of hardware and software integration capabilities. Geomagic Wrap allows designers and artists to create perfect 3D models from physical objects. The 2013 shares many of the Geomagic Studio's automation and customisation features. It now also includes exact surfacing using one-button AutoSurface tools. It also features Repair Patches, Construct Grids and Fit Surfaces functions, and more automated, intelligent tools for visualising and transforming point clouds into usable 3D models.