Friction-less air-bearing system for high precision, nano-positioning tasks

​Suitable for precision applications that demand micrometre motional accuracy and high load capacity, the Aerolox range of motion systems from Cranfield University spin-out company Loxham Precision is expected to attract interest from automation integrators, measuring systems and high precision machine manufacturers.

The Aerolox product is based on 90% UK-made components and uses high specification alloys and coatings technologies derived from the motorsport sector. The precision finishing (the key added value operations) of the bearings are all performed in house at Loxham, where micro-electrochemical machining production systems created in house are employed.

The company has demonstration Aerolox slides for testing. They can be employed with most advanced CNC control systems, with the key differentiator versus other high precision slideway manufacturers products being that Aerolox has significant high load capacity.

High load capacity nano-positioning air bearing linear stages provide friction-free motion and nano-positioning, where the payload mass is higher than typically seen in micro-electronics applications.

Aerolox is ideally suited to:

◾ High precision machinery that require high accuracy and zero friction motion with large masses

◾ Automation systems, where high accuracy of end-effectors are needed through combination motions with articulated robotics or parallel kinematic motion devices.

◾ Advanced imaging systems that employ large scale optical instruments

◾ Larger-scale metrology systems, where positioning accuracy and precision motion control is demanded

◾ Semiconductor and clean-room-based applications that require no dust particle generation and nanometre levels of position hold stability (noise floor)