Floyd launch Hydro Swiss Turn precision toolholders

Floyd Automatic Tooling has introduced the new Hydro-Swiss Turn range of compact hydraulic clamping tool holders for cylindrical tools. Capable of maintaining precision and run-out levels of less than 1 micron, ‘ultra-precise’ is now possible for your sliding head CNC turning centres.

Regardless of whether you have a Star, Citizen, Tornos, Hanwha or Tsugami turning centre, the new Hydro-Swiss Turn holders are compatible with all leading sliding head machine brands. The Hydro-Swiss Turn holders are available as a standard or as an ultra-precise (UP) variant that can achieve a run-out of 0.003 and 0.001TIR respectively.

The easy clamping hydraulic holders incorporate an innovative clamping system that also provides vibration damping to maximise performance and concentricity.

The Hydro-Swiss Turn holder has a through coolant facility and an easy-clamping bolt that permits easy and free axial length adjustment. The hydraulic holders are available in a multitude of variants to suit every application from drilling and milling to PCD tool machining and boring.

For Citizen machines, the Hydro-Swiss Turn is available in ST19.05, ST25 and ST 25.4 configurations to clamp tools with 3, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12mm shanks. For Star sliding head machines, the system is offered in ST16, ST22 and ST32 variants. It is also available in all recognised dimensions for Tornos, Tsugami and Hanwha machines.

To ensure optimal precision and run-out levels, the Hydro-Swiss Turn holder must be used with H6 shank tools. The system is also supplied with a positioning pin kit and a 3.0Nm torque T-wrench is also available upon request.