​FANUC UK has introduced its first range of Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm (SCARA) robots for picking and packing, assembly and material handling applications.

The SR-3iA is suited for manufacturers requiring automated, fast assembly within a circular working envelope.

The robot is easy to install, due to its compact and integrated design. It also has several mounting options, including wall and bottom-down, making it a flexible, space-saving solution for even the smallest of machine shops.

The FANUC SCARA robot has a maximum payload of 3 kg, with a horizontal and vertical reach of 400 mm and 200 mm respectively. A larger version of the robot, the SR-6iA, is available for heavier handling requirements.

The SCARA robot includes FANUC’s new R-30iB Compact Plus Controller as standard. This helps operators to program simple commands into the robot easily and intuitively, without requiring external assistance.

For added functionality, operators can also choose from a range of FANUC software, such as: the iRProgrammer, a web-based user interface that can be operated via a tablet or PC; the iRPickTool, a visual tracking technology that allows robots to identify, pick and place items from a moving conveyor; and fieldbus connectivity, which allows operators to connect the SCARA robot to other FANUC machines on the factory floor.

Andrew Armstrong, sales and marketing manager at FANUC UK, says: “SCARA robots have long been a staple of the electronics industry, but their increasing precision, speed and flexibility mean that they are now being applied to other industries and applications, such as weld-sealing and paint spraying.

“FANUC’s first SCARA robot embodies all of this, and more. Its integrated, compact design makes it perfectly suited to smaller machine shops with less floor space. It can also communicate with other FANUC robots to create a fully-automated production line.

“It is my hope that our new SCARA range will join our established Cartesian robots as a flexible, reliable and precise automated solution for manufacturers across the UK.”