Extended length Sylvac Scan optical measuring centres now available from Bowers

Bowers Group has welcomed two additions to its portfolio of Sylvac Scan optical measurement centres. The Sylvac Scan S145 has been developed to measure mid- to large-size cylindrical parts up to 145 mm diameter and 1,280 mm in length. In addition, an extended length version, S145L, is available, complementing the current Scan range, which includes the F60 and Scan 52.

The Sylvac Scan S145 is said to provide fast, accurate and repeatable measurements, and is fully equipped with quick-release tooling and a motorised tailstock. Offering easy location on the shop floor, the device includes integrated temperature sensors and an on-board calibration master. Integration with robots is quick and easy to create a fully automated inspection solution.

UK sales manager for Bowers Group, Martin Hawkins, says: “The Sylvac Scan S145 and S145L offer manufacturers of turned parts more options for the measurement of bigger components, longer lengths and increased weights. Another step forward in the field of optical measurement, the new machines include the usual Sylvac advantages of reduced inspection time, reduced scrap and increased productivity.”

Just as with the rest of the Sylvac F60 range, the S145 and S145L are fully automated, optical non-contact measurement systems, designed for the precision control of complex turned parts. Easy to operate, these all-in-one solutions carry out measurements at the touch of a button, in just a few seconds.

Features include Industry 4.0 ready Reflex Scan software, Bluetooth connectivity to other Sylvac instruments via Sylvac Sylcom software, a one-click measurement facility and automatic part recognition. The Sylvac S145 and S145L also offer detailed reporting with statistics view and data export, as well as optional CAD import and offline programming.