ETG introduce new gantry type Axile machining centre

2 mins read

Now available from the Engineering Technology Group (ETG) is the new DC12 model, a 5AX double-column vertical machining centre from Axile. Renowned for their flexibility, performance and technology, Axile has rolled all of these attributes into a machining centre that can cater for large-part processing.

The DC12 is the largest machine in Axile’s arsenal, perfectly suited for handling heavy, lengthy workpieces. With a maximum table loading weight of 2.5 tonnes and a maximum component length of 2.2m, a workpiece diameter of 1.3m on a unique built-in rotary table of 1.2m, the DC12 takes on the larger, heavier parts common in the aerospace, power generation and mould and die industries.

The double-column bridge construction provides greater rigidity, as well as exceptional control over thermal deformation based on its massive RAM built as box-in box concept. As a result, the DC12 is capable of both heavy-duty cutting and complex contouring while maintaining remarkable precision levels.

With larger workpieces come more chips, meaning the DC12 features excellent chip removal efficiency, to prolong tool life and ensure no residual interference. So, when it comes to creating chips and offering high levels of material removal, the DC12 outperforms its rivals. To remove chips the DC12 has a chip auger, chip conveyor, through spindle coolant, 4 coolant outlets at the spindle nose, air flushing and chip wash down facility. Therefore, the DC12 delivers the high surface quality expected by leading manufacturers.

Despite its dimensions, the DC12 incorporates directly driven servomotors, roller-type linear guideways, pre-loaded double nut ballscrews and linear scales on X, Y and Z axis with 0.1 micron resolution. These features ensure that regardless of the size of your parts, the DC12 will deliver astounding levels of precision and repeatability.

From a flexibility perspective, the DC12 presents an HSK-A63 swivelling head B-axis as well as a rotary C-axis table built into the large machine bed. This combination provides unparalleled flexibility for large-part machining. The spindle can be supplied with up to 90 or 120 HSK-A63 tools or 60 HSK-A100 tools, depending on the option selected by the customer.

As an overview of specifications, the DC12 has an X, Y and Z-axis travel of 2.2m by 1.4m by 1m with 36m/min maximum feed rate with the B-axis offering +/-110 degree swivel and a 360-degree rotary C-axis with a maximum B and C-axis speeds of 100rpm. The standard spindle is an HSK-A63 20,000rpm 45kW with the option for a 16,000rpm high torque 241Nm HSK-A100 interface.

In addition to the large capacity and high-performance DC12 model, Axile also offers the DC12 MT, which combines both milling and turning. The DC12 MT achieves a rotary table rotation speed of up to 800rpm on the 1.2m diameter of the built-in configuration and is supplied with an HSK-T interface for the spindle to keep its rigidity level during turning operations. By minimising set-ups and the potential for clamping and setting errors, the DC12 MT can efficiently machine a wider variety of parts with its impressive turning and milling credentials.

With regards to options, ETG customers are spoilt for choice with the DC12. The impressive machine can be selected with Heidenhain, FANUC or Siemens CNC control, automatic workpiece measurement, tool measurement embedded in the table, air conditioning units and 40 or 70bar coolant pumps. From an automation standpoint, customers can select the motorised pallet changer (MPC) with a host of integration options. For further information, contact an ETG representative.