Composites Evolution expands Evopreg range with unidirectional fibre-reinforced thermoplastic tapes

Composites Evolution has announced the launch of a new range of unidirectional thermoplastic tapes, to sit alongside its existing line-up of Evopreg prepregs.

Thermoplastic tapes, also known as thermoplastic prepregs, can be used in a wide variety of markets and applications, including flexible pipes for oil & gas and water transportation, pressure vessels (for example; hydrogen storage tanks and compressed natural gas tanks), and for providing local reinforcement to pre-formed components.

Marketing director, Ben Hargreaves, explained: "Lightweighting is a key enabling technology for a number of markets – particularly transport-related ones such as battery electric vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, eVTOL passenger vehicles and drones. These are all, potentially, high-volume applications that demand short production cycle times.

"Evopreg thermoplastic unidirectional tapes are ideally suited to this demand as they can be rapidly processed via a number of methods, including automated tape placement, tape winding and compression moulding.”

“Because they can be repeatedly re-formed (via the application of heat and pressure), Evopreg thermoplastic tapes are also very well-suited to multi-stage processing, meaning they are an excellent choice for producing hybrid structures, inserts or over-moulded components.

"In addition, this ability to be repeatedly re-formed opens the door to much easier recycling than is currently possible with thermoset composites.”

The first product families being launched are Evopreg PA polyamide tapes, and Evopreg PP polypropylene tapes, with further product lines expected as new customer requirements emerge.

“We understand that applications, processing technologies and new raw materials continue to emerge in this space, and we are keen to work with customers to provide the right product for them. Our state of the art manufacturing line gives us the capability to produce tapes on an industrial scale, using a variety of combinations of fibre and polymer.

"This is complemented by a pilot-scale line that allows us to carry out development trials, or manufacture small quantities of tape if required. Most important, though, is our team of technical specialists who are on-hand to discuss new applications, and to provide support when our customers need it.”