Compact mill-turn centre

Mori Seiki's NT1000 has a maximum turning diameter of 370 mm and maximum turning length of 400 mm, and employs Mori Seiki's original technologies of DDM (Direct Drive Motor) and ORC (Octagonal Ram Construction).

The NT1000 is available in three variations: the NT1000/W (with workpiece ejector), the NT1000/WZ (workpiece ejector + Turret 2), and the NT1000/WZM (workpiece ejector + Turret 2 with milling function). The machine with Turret 2 can perform simultaneous machining using both the turret and tool spindle, which leads to improved productivity. There are a variety of other options available, including a loader system for automation, enabling customers to choose the ideal specifications for their machining needs. The DDM drive system transmits power to the B-axis of the tool spindle without using gears, and offers increased transmission efficiency, zero backlash, and high-speed, high-precision indexing - indexing speed is 100 rpm with indexing increments of 0.0001°. For the Y-axis structure, it uses ORC that offsets thermal displacement. The octagonal ram structure keeps the centre of the moving parts always the same position even when the guideways heat up as a result of high-speed travel, allowing high-precision machining with high-speed travel. Turning spindle speed is 6,000 rpm, with milling spindle speeds of 12,000, 20,000 or 30,000. Tool storage capacity is up to 76: 38 is standard. To combat thermal displacement, the headstock of spindle 1 has a mechanism in which the centre of the spindle always stays the same height, and both spindle 1 and the tool spindle use a high-accuracy cooling system. The NT1000 therefore offers high-precision machining of small precision parts. With a compact body, the NT1000 reduces floor space by approximately 40 % compared to the company's previous models, dramatically increasing productivity per unit area.