Cloud-based coolant management software from CIS

The in-house development team at CIS has released its cloud-based MWF coolant care solutions management software, which is designed to map customer machine tools, departments, users and metalworking fluid data.

MWF software is health and safety compliant, and maintains complete audit trails and controls around measuring the condition parameters of metalworking fluids. Safety and technical data sheets are stored and accessible for all products used, including additives. Data captured includes pH, concentration, hardness, tramp oil, fungi, bacteria and dip-slide results.

Importantly, the software is coolant manufacturer independent, and is free to the customer. In total, only around 15 minutes is required to set up a working installation mapped to existing machines, products, departments, users and controls. Ease-of-use was the CIS goal from the outset.

Features include: secure login and access level controls; PDF reporting; prompts and reminders sent by email; total history log of all products, machines, readings and users; device independent access (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC); production of machine charts; and data archiving.