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Cimatron release Version 16

Cimatron, a CAD/CAM software supplier for the mould & die industry, has announced the release of their Mould & Die focused product Cimatron V16. After an intensive period of industrial beta testing, Cimatron V16 is now available for general distribution.

Version 16 is a substantial release introducing many new features in all areas of the product including a clean new UI and increased automation for faster mould design, electrode creation, and NC programming. In addition, the continued emphasis on solutions for toolmakers includes powerful functionality for die addendum surfaces, mesh manipulation, and drafting detailing.

Significant CAD enhancements include the ability to create structural ribs from either a 2D or 3D contour, with draft angle and flat or rounded tops. Working with mesh models has also been improved with new capabilities for closing open areas, curvature mapping, and the option to define local mesh areas where it is possible to set finer mesh tolerances to describe more intricate model details.

User efficiency continues to be a focus with the process workflow having been improved in several areas including batch printing with support for shaded views, dynamic triad dragging, expanded BOM support for assembly structures, and extended preferences control with the ability to search and reset.

For mould makers, several new mould layout types are now available including smart mirror and array with the setup wizard controlling the parameters for layout sub-type, rotations, and cavity distances.

In addition, a new feature for automated ejector locking has been added that detects which ejectors need to be locked and the type of lock required to prevent their rotation in the ejector plate, and then modifies the head to create the appropriate pocket in the ejector plate.

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