Ceratizit WNT WTX -Change Feed believed "world’s first three-edged exchangeable head drilling system"

Combining Ceratizit WNT’s WTX – Feed and the WTX-Change drilling systems is the WTX-Change Feed, a three-flute drilling system with interchangeable carbide drill heads that is capable of achieving higher cutting data in the most challenging of applications.

The system will deliver improved cutting data with feed rates between 50 to 100% higher than conventional drilling, with the additional benefit of improved process security, thanks to the combination of cutting geometry design, drill body material and the use of the proven Ti 750 tool coating. “With the WTX-Change Feed system, we have created what we believe to be the world’s first three-edged exchangeable head drilling system on the market. Through extensive product development and the use of high quality materials, we have created a drill that boasts universal application options combined with long service life,” says Tony Pennington, Ceratizit WNT UK & Ireland managing director.

Available in diameters from 14 to 32 mm in 0.1 mm increment, as well as two standard flute lengths of 3x and 5x diameter, all have through-tool coolant as standard, with the carbide grade suitable for universal applications in steel and cast iron. The innovative point thinning and self-centring chisel edge on the drill geometry ensure accurate positioning, even on angled surfaces up to 6° and in intermittent cutting applications.

Performance gains due to the combination of material, design and coating are significant. For example, when drilling 18 mm diameter, 90 mm deep in 42CrMo4 steel, the WTX-Change Feed drill operated at 90 m/min at a feed rate of 0.55 mm/rev, equivalent to 876 mm/min. In comparison, a competitor drill with two flutes running at a higher surface speed was only capable of 0.34 mm/rev, or 662 mm/min. The result was that the 400 holes required were machined in 41 minutes using the WTX-Change Feed drill, compared to 55 minutes for its nearest competitor. It is a similar story with tool life, with WNT’s WTX-Change Feed system achieving 145 minutes of drilling time, while the competitor achieved 89 minutes (-39%) and another competitor drill managing just 72 minutes (-50%).