Stocdon's partner in workholding, Allmatic Jakob, has developed the CENTRO T-Rex high pressure centring vice.

CENTRO permits free access for tools on all sides, and is particularly suitable for flame and saw cutting and castings, with the ability for both jaws to move to the centre. The new CENTRO GRIPP vice system from Allmatic Jakob is a unique product, joining the highly successful T-REX & TITAN workholding range, all using GRIPP technology. The method of high pressure clamping while adding GRIPP technology gives users a real choice in component workholding and the centring system on this product works especially well on 5 AXIS machines. Minimum lift of the workpiece to 0.001/0.002 is truly exceptional: a real market-leading target; Among Stocdon's most successful applications for T-Rex vices was an installation for a championship winning F1 team, where the difficulty encountered was finding workholding for 5-axis machining of aluminium and titanium with a high enough pressure. Along with motorsport, we've had numerous successes within the aerospace industry. With adjustable pressures up to a maximum of 40Kn = 4 Tons, the workpiece will not move With pivot jaws and support jaws, castings and irregular shaped pieces present NO PROBLEM CENTRO makes it possible to clamp parts from 0-240mm for prismatic work, and is able to hold round components, creating multiple possibilities; whatever your application, the combination of movable pivot jaw and rotating gripper inserts allows safe and stable holding of a wide range of workpiece shapes, and cuts down on time lost through adjustment. NEW PRODUCT LAUNCH FOR 2011 is the DUO PLUS range – The 2027/125 offers the GRIPP function with the ability to hold two different sized components all using the same family of GRIPP accessories as the CENTRO. For the first time castings, forgings and non prismatic parts can be held two at a time with accuracy, as well as high pressure. As tooling specialists, Stocdon has 20+ years experience in high pressure clamping with Allmatic, so we can advise customers on possible applications, and provide just the right workholding solution.