Calculate potential cost reductions with the new Nikken Tooling Calculator

Energy consumption is constantly on the minds of everyone, whether at home or in industry. With the machining industry using vast amounts of energy, it is paramount that businesses can find ways to reduce their energy consumption and be more sustainable to help protect our environment and save costs.

Energy bills are increasing daily and have risen by over 50% since April; therefore, utilising the Nikken Tooling Calculator is a vital necessity to improving productivity and has been proven to help reduce energy consumption.

Nikken's New Tooling Calculator was created to give our customers a quick insight into the potential consumable cost savings that could be made by introducing Nikken's world-renowned tool holders to their processes.

The Tooling Calculator consists of the following:

  • Cutting Tool Cost
  • Anticipated Tool Life (mins)
  • Tool time in cut per cycle/feature (mins)
  • Qty of similar cycles & features per day.

All are calculated using a customer's own specific cutting data and cycle time to demonstrate how much each customer can save if they employ Nikken’s tool holders.

Nikken's tool holding solutions provide accuracy, durability and reliability, which not only means that the life of the cutting tool is increased but also, as the result of more efficient machining from improved grip and run out, can provide a reduction in energy consumption.

Longer tool life means more operations and processes can be completed with the same tool, reducing inventory and consumable costs! Nikken chucking products can contribute up to five times the tool life compared to typical competitor systems, providing a solid platform for ROI to increase drastically.

Nikken’s high-quality and durability allows for increased productivity and sustainability- saving energy and contributing less wastage when performing all operations.

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