Bowers Group offers “the world’s first truly portable coordinate measuring machine"

​Bowers Group says it has introduced “the world’s first truly portable coordinate measuring machine" (CMM), the Trimos C-Line. Both the C3 and C4 models weigh just 13.5 kg, are battery-operated and available with Bluetooth, allowing full portability.

The C3 model is said to be perfect for manual measurements, whilst the C4 is a full CNC unit. A simple and intuitive icon-based touch-screen mounted on the machine provides ease of use, and optional Aberlink Software is available to assist with CAD programming and traditional CMM style reporting.

With a working volume of 700 (X and Y) by 250 mm (Z), its small footprint and high performance 3D measurement is the ideal portable solution for any workshop operation. Delivered as standard with the ControlCAT software, the C-Line allows operators to perform a variety of measurements including; distance, circle, plane, line, and point.

UK sales director for Bowers Group, Martin Hawkins, says: “We are delighted to introduce new Trimos C-Line CMM to the UK market. After the success of the recently introduced Trimos Portable Arm, the C-Line makes a great addition to new Trimos 3D product group. Being fully portable, you can take the C-Line CMM right to parts in the manufacturing process for inspection; it’s a really useful bit of kit.”