Autodesk makes one of biggest updates yet to Fusion 360

Fusion 360 CADCAM software from Autodesk has been subjected to an update that sees the arrival of 5-axis CAM and several new cloud-based simulation capabilities.

Autodesk says that users now have more options to validate and optimise the performance of their designs with simulation. The most recent additions to the workspace give users access to advanced simulation, such as multiple load cases, structural buckling and topology optimisation, which run in the cloud so users can stay productive in the rest of their workflow.

“When you consider everything now available in Fusion 360, it represents unprecedented value,” says Amar Hanspal, Autodesk senior vice president of products. “You would easily spend thousands more to get comparable functionality from other ‘siloed’ vendors – and that doesn’t even factor in the value of Fusion 360 being integrated into one complete, connected, instant-on platform.”