XYZ to unveil latest ProtoTRAK control at Southern Manufacturing

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The next generation of ProtoTRAK control systems from XYZ Machine Tools will exhibited for the first time at the Southern Manufacturing exhibition (5-7 February, Farnborough) on stand J210. Three ProtoTRAK controls have been developed. The KMX is specifically for company’s range of turret mills, while the RMX and RLX supersede the existing ProtoTRAK controls on the company’s bed mills and lathes respectively.

Available as either a 2- or 3-axis CNC, the ProtoTRAK KMX is able to create programs without any requirement for G-codes. Furthermore, the AGE (Auto Geometry Engine) facility gives the control the ability to calculate missing print data while programming. At Southern Manufacturing the ProtoTRAK KMX will be shown on an XYZ KMX 2000 turret mill.

XYZ’s bed mills benefit from the RMX ProtoTRAK with its 15.6” touchscreen, which extends the control’s advantage by further simplifying programming operations. The RMX also introduces additional programming help with the EPA (Enhanced ProtoTRAK Assistance) feature, which provides instant access to in-depth on-screen assistance for users at any point. This can take the form of step-by-step instructions to guide users through elements such as cutting parameters, or a series of video tutorials.

In addition, a number of newly devised machining strategies are included within the control to deliver performance benefits, such as the ‘Tap to Guess’ feature. With the graphic of the part shown on-screen, simply tapping the screen in a location where the intersection or tangent point is unknown, prompts the AGE software to calculate the missing dimensional data.

Pocket machining is also enhanced with the capability to program an irregularly shaped pocket featuring an unlimited number of islands within its boundary. Aligned with pocket machining, a range of machining strategies can also be called upon, such as ‘Adaptive Toolpath’, which can reduce cycle times for complex milling operations and is a feature more commonly found on high-end CAD/CAM systems, says the company. At Southern Manufacturing the RMX ProtoTRAK can be seen in action on an XYZ RMX 3500 bed mill.

XYZ’s ProTURN lathes now feature the RLX ProtoTRAK control. As with the RMX system, the RLX also has a large touchscreen for improved user interaction. The makeover to the ProtoTRAK controls sees a range of benefits added to both RMX and RLX systems, with gesture technology allowing fly-out windows to be integrated within the interface that can be accessed via a single swipe of the finger. These fly-out menus include relevant information such as tool tables, machine status, calculators and default setting values. Simple things like machine spindle speed and feed-rate overrides are now depicted graphically, and can be controlled by touch. An XYZ RLX 425 ProTURN lathe will highlight the features and benefits of the RLX control.

Other machines on show at Southern Manufacturing include the flagship XYZ UMC-5X simultaneous 5-axis machining centre. Key features of the UMC-5X are the direct-drive 90 rpm table, which when tilted 90° towards the rear (component facing forward), leaves 500 mm of Y-axis travel forward of the table surface, allowing large workpieces to be machined.

The gantry-type design of the UMC-5X adds greater rigidity and performance, while C-axis rotation via a direct-drive, low-maintenance, high-torque motor give 90 rpm rotational speed. There is ±120° of motion on the tilting A-axis, with 2.5 sec for full movement. Feed rates in the X, Y and Z axes are 36 m/min. Some 600 mm of axis travel is available in X and Y (500 mm in Z), supported by a 600 mm diameter table. Standard spindles with in-line direct drives offer 35 kW of power and either 12,000 or 15,000 rpm speed, with an option to go to a 25 kW, 18,000/24,000 rpm motorised spindle.

XYZ’s turning centre range will be represented by the Compact Turn 65. Key features are its 17 kW, 4,500 rpm spindle, 65 mm bar capacity and 400 maximum swing. Constructed around a solid cast base with hardened and ground box slideways, the CT65 takes up just 2,620 by 1450 by 1,740 mm of floor space, including the standard swarf conveyor. Control is provided by the Siemens 828D ShopTurn CNC.

The vertical machining centre range from XYZ will be highlighted by the XYZ LR 750, part of its recently introduced linear rail technology machine series. Linear rail technology provides price-competitive performance with feed rates of 20 m/min.