Walter Machine investment increases grinding capacity

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Pro Cut Tooling director Steve Weymes turned to Walter Machines UK when he wanted additional multi-axis CNC tool grinding capacity to meet a rising order book and ordered a Walter Helitronic Power.

An established supplier of tooling to the woodworking and general engineering industries, Hull-based Pro Cut enhanced the Helitronic Power's specification with the addition of a grinding wheel changer and disc loader. Mr Weymes said: "With automatic wheel changing [the unit can handle eight wheel sets and a change in under 10 sec] and the disc loader, which can accommodate up to 120 tools, we will have all the technology we need to run the machine unmanned and at night, if appropriate. This will ensure we remain ultra-competitive." He continued: "The Walter Helitronic Power will also allow us to launch three innovative solid carbide spiral tools for the UK market in early 2011. Of course, the features of these tools complement the high quality of production that Walter tool grinding technology is renowned for." Capable of processing tools of 320 mm diameter by 350 mm long, the 11.5 kW drive Walter Helitronic Power has a rapid traverse of 15 m/min over 460 mm in X, 320 mm in Y and 660 mm in Z-axis.