Universal Robots introduces platform to make machine tending automation faster

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At the automatica 2023 show in Munich this week, Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), presented a new brand-new, innovative software platform specifically developed for machine tending tasks.

The name is PolyScope X and through a new, customisable user interface, it will add new levels of flexibility to high mix, low volume machine tending automation.

With PolyScope X, machine shop operators can achieve changeover times of less than 10 minutes – far below what is possible today with any other software.

This will empower users to run more batches in a day and to run them in a more strategic and flexible way. PolyScope X is therefore ideal for high-mix, low volume production and is introduced at a time when manufacturers all over the world are looking for increased flexibility to handle shifting and increasingly diverse orders.

At the same time, PolyScope X introduces a powerful reworked programming experience and toolset. This enables integrators and OEM partners to structure their program code into operations that can be reused throughout the program, making each operation simpler to understand, maintain and troubleshoot.

“PolyScope X is a landmark development in machine tending automation,” said Anders Billesø Beck, Universal Robot’s VP for strategy & innovation.

“The simplicity of the user interface and the much faster changeover times will provide manufacturers with a whole new set of possibilities for how to automate their machine tending tasks and it will allow them to break some of the barriers that are holding them back today. I wouldn’t hesitate to call it a gamechanger for the industry, especially for those who have a high-mix, low-volume production.”

Built and developed with customers and partners

Throughout the process of developing PolyScope X, the UR team has involved customers and partners. A prototype of the software was shown at IMTS in 2022 and together with beta-testers this has provided valuable feedback for the team.

“PolyScope X is a perfect example of how we approach innovation at Universal Robots,” said Beck. “We want to include our partners and end-customers right from the start, making sure we understand the full scope of the challenges our customers are facing. For me, this is an essential part of creating this new product and we are confident as a result that it will help our customers to grow and reach their full potential.”

To begin with, PolyScope X for machine tending is available in Germany, UK and Denmark. Read more about PolyScope X here and find your local distributor at www.universal-robots.com.