United Grinding and Titans of CNC to launch new Grinding Academy

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United Grinding and Titans of CNC, a manufacturing group of part-makers, influencers and educators, have collaborated to launch the all-new Grinding Academy.

Much like Titans’ existing machining and aerospace academies, the Grinding Academy will offer free online courses that teach and train the next generation of machinists.

“We’re so excited to be teaming with Titans of CNC on their Grinding Academy,” said Paul Kössl, global head of marketing and business development at United Grinding Group.

“The precision and quality made possible by CNC grinding is something that more manufacturers should know about. The academy will showcase all of that power and potential, while also teaching viewers how to harness it.”

Titans of CNC’s humble origins – a lone machine shop in California – has grown into the world’s first CNC educational platform that’s recognised by engineers, machinists, hobbyists, students and educators around the world.

With over a million followers across social media platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and TikTok, Titans of CNC has become the trusted voice in manufacturing.

“We’re grateful for partners like United Grinding, whose world-class equipment and collaborative philosophies allow us to do what we do, which is educate and inspire anyone who has a passion for manufacturing,” said Titan Gilroy, CEO at Titans of CNC.

“The Grinding Academy will teach students the full spectrum of grinding from fundamentals to finished parts, and the curriculum found at grindingacademy.com will always be 100% free.”

Titans of CNC has four United Grinding machines on its shop floor in Texas: the Blohm Planomat XT profile grinder, the Studer favorit and Studer S41 cylindrical grinding machines, and the Walter Helitronic Vision 400 L tool grinder. These machines will be the first tools used to create content for the Grinding Academy.

The Grinding Academy launches in June 2022. For more info on all of Titans of CNC’s education initiatives, visit grindingacademy.com. To see the complete lineup of machines and for more information on the United Grinding and Titans of CNC partnership, visit