UK manufacturer Convert increases turnover by 20%

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Convert, the UK’s manufacturer of cable looms and harnesses, published its annual results and announced an increase in turnover of 20% in the past year, bouncing back from the pandemic, and is expecting to increase by 20% again over the current year.

The company has restructured to take account of this growth, and to plan for the future. It has also beefed up its activities in creating a nurturing environment for its team to grow and develop. Convert has recruited experienced engineers to deliver this growth, particularly in quality and engineering areas.

Quality control is particularly important to the company, not only to ensure quality product continues to leave the facility to customers but also to ensure that the right work is being commissioned.

For example the Convert team recently reviewed a project for a prototype and uncovered that the drawings would not deliver the right result. Convert added their value by checking, manufacturing and testing the piece before final production, and then worked with the customer to achieve the right result.

The company has also invested in new machinery to deliver a particularly complex assembly for a printing company.

The supportive culture is enabling staff to grow and develop. For example Myles joined Convert in an apprenticeship role just before the Pandemic hit, but despite this set back he has spent time in the production and engineering sections of the business. This has enabled him to gain invaluable product experience, a sound understanding of assembly methods and production techniques.

Time spent within the engineering section helped broaden his knowledge and understanding of the technical aspects of cable harness assembly and good practice required to meet the high standards the company sets for its customers to ensure the reliability and high quality of the products it manufactures.

Myles has since been involved in the manufacture of proto-type harness for some prestige automotive projects and been part of the Engineering team that has introduced several new projects into the manufacturing cells.

Armed with the understanding and experience acquired during this time, and with the knowledge gained from the completion of his Supervision training course Myles will now move into a Manufacturing Cell Supervision role, and continue his personal development as well as aiding the continual improvement of our manufacturing activities.

Last year Convert designed and manufactured assemblies for many industries, including headlights for three leading luxury car manufacturer, one of which involved 3d printing tools to deliver 100 sets of harnesses per week; and a printing company which needed over 170 different assemblies per machine, each with up to 40 wires.

Dave Lord, Convert’s founder and managing director, said: “It’s been an eventful year and I am really pleased that we have managed to grow and invest despite the stop-start economy. Our new management structure and renewed focus on our culture, which is driving a nurturing environment for our staff to grow and develop in, is a solid foundation to continue building the company to ever greater heights.”

Convert supplies many advanced engineering industries, including automotive, public transport, medical and scientific equipment. It can produce all harness types, from multi-branch looms, interconnect harnesses and wire and cable sets, as well as more bespoke assemblies.