Triple debuts for Matsuura at MACH

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Making its debut appearance at MACH 2024 on Matsuura’s stand 20-442: The 4-axis horizontal H.Plus-405 PC12, possesses 12off 500mm2 pallets and compact footprint making it a firm favourite in both high volume production environments and companies engaged in high mix, low volume manufacturing.

Designed to optimise automation whilst sitting within a small footprint, the H.Plus-405 PC12 is widely used in aerospace, automotive and is a popular investment with UK precision subcontractors where versatility, capacity and unerring unmanned capability are paramount.

Matsuura MX-850 single table 5-axis machining centre

Also making it’s first appearance at MACH is the 5 axis MX-850, the largest machine in the MX Series, offering users a large capacity, high quality, and cost-effective single table Matsuura 5-axis CNC machining platform. The MACH MX-850 is pre-fitted with an auto door, and a host of features making it ready for rapid robot integration.

UK users of this robust, versatile, and highly engineered machine tool include motorsport transmission manufacturers, precision subcontractors and aerospace OEM's.

Designed from the ground up to be a dedicated 5 axis machine capable of operating at maximum specification in the most arduous of machining environments, the MX-850 can accommodate billets of up to 500kg on its integrated trunnion 4th and 5th table.

Muratec MWR120G horizontal lathe

First at MACH: The Muratec MWR120G CNC horizontal lathe delivers multi-tasking milling and turning capability in a very compact footprint, with front-facing twin spindles equipped with live tool Y-axis and sophisticated milling function for a total production environment in one machine.

Two turrets each have 10 stations for live tooling. A directly coupled milling motor enhances power transfer directly to the tool tip.

Designed for automation, the machine’s integrated twin robotic gantry loader / unloaders enable unattended workpiece handling for all-in-one processing of complex shapes, from raw to finished parts, maximizing efficiency without manual re-loading of parts, change-overs or secondary labour-intensive operations.

Also featuring an integrated part turnaround / turnover station for maximum one hit processing to all faces of a component. The loader’s Y-axis beam and a light X-axis carriage enables 2,000mm/s in X-travel and 1350mm/s in Y-axis travel, speeding up loading/unloading while maintaining 3kg (x2) (13.2 lb) part / chuck capacity.

Parallel spindles reduce the machine’s overall footprint, making it smaller than a machine with a bar feeder, with faster processing for the same part capacity.

Matsuura MX-420 PC10 5-axis vertical machining centre

Following the global success of the MX-330 PC10, Matsuura introduced the MX-420 PC10 5-Axis Vertical Machining Centre configured with 10 pallets and 90 tools. The MX-420 PC10 was developed following global demand for a larger workpiece envelope on the same winning MX-330 PC10 platform.

Possessing Matsuura’s legendary OEM automation technology, the fully automated MX-420 PC10 provides affordable and reliable unmanned 5-axis production – machining live throughout the show and demonstrating just how flexible the 10-pallet changer can be during unmanned operation.

Already in operation with numerous UK customers, the MX-420 PC10 has proven itself as an equal to the MX-330 PC10 in terms of OEE, spindle uptime, ROI and reliability.

Additive by Matsuura – Stand 20-542

Following the success of MACH 2022 and the interest from visitors in our additive manufacturing offer, Matsuura have a separate stand 20-442 entirely dedicated to 3D printers, AM software and raw parts post-processing, conveniently located close to our CNC stand.

As an award-winning reseller of HP 3D printers, we will be demonstrating a wide range of actual customer parts from all industry sectors, including high-quality white parts printed in PA12W on the new industrial mass production MJF 3D printer - the HP 5420W.

There will also be a range of parts from Desktop Metal’s 3D printer portfolio in a vast array of metals. For printing in a wide variety of metals, we’ll be demonstrating Desktop Metal’s Studio System, printing components in copper and stainless steel live throughout the show on Desktop Metal’s Studio System 2 printer.

For the first time at MACH, Matsuura will be showcasing the component manufacturing capabilities of the Roboze Plus Pro 3D printer using carbon PEEK, a composite material reinforced with carbon fiber. Offering extraordinary characteristics in terms of mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance, Carbon PEEK is ideal for aerospace and oil and gas industries.

Domenic Seminerio, sales director at Matsuura Machinery Ltd said: “We're delighted to be back at MACH once again, doubling our presence with two stands! Both our CNC and Additive Manufacturing stands have something new to show visitors, with many of the machines making their debut appearance at the show: H.Plus-405 PC12, MX-850 and the Muratec MWR120G lathe. We invite visitors to drop by our stands to find out just why our customers return to Matsuura time and time again.

Domenic continued: Our live 5 axis CNC automation and 3D printing demonstrations are designed to inspire and show the transformative potential of investing in our cutting-edge technology – both in Additive and Subtractive manufacturing."