Star to unveil a cutting edge development in swarf management at MACH

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​Derbyshire-based sliding headstock lathe supplier, Star Micronics GB Ltd, will debut its new advancement in swarf control technology at MACH 2022 following extensive research and development.

Step Cycle Pro (SCP) is the company’s latest breakthrough to combat the challenges presented by stringy swarf when processing difficult-to-chip materials such as aluminium, Inconel, stainless steel, copper and plastics.

The Step Cycle Pro system delivers its highly effective ‘air-cut’ chip-breaking operation by oscillating the X, Y or Z axis in synchronisation with the spindle rotation cycle and can be used simultaneously on both the main and sub spindles. This oscillation cutting method increases production efficiency by eliminating machine stoppages related to swarf entanglement and enhances tool life by reducing the temperature of the tip whilst in operation.

Developed to suit a variety of machining types including turning, drilling, facing and grooving, Step Cycle Pro offers a dedicated interface on the FANUC CNC system that allows engineers to easily select the ideal program conditions and chip length from a database of recommendations. The technology does not require any unique skills to operate and can be easily activated or deactivated with a single line G-code command.

As commonly found with other makes of CNC lathe, a small increase in cycle time is to be expected when utilising similar air-cutting functions. However, the advanced system developed by Star can automatically adjust the actual feed rate when the function is enabled to ensure that cycle times remain unaffected and maximum output can be achieved.

Alec Warner, Operations Manager for Star GB says: “While our High Frequency Turning software remains popular, Step Cycle Pro provides the synchronised oscillation cutting and air-gap necessary to break the swarf on softer materials.

The Step Cycle Pro command is easy to insert into your NC program, as the control automatically calculates the recommended coefficients for the chip length and amplitude based on the specified RPM and feed rate.

All new machines are mechanically equipped to withstand the increased load associated with oscillation cutting. This enables customers to trial the function in ‘setting mode’ before they purchase the option on a permanent basis.”

The system will be operating on various machines on Star GB’s stand at the MACH Exhibition and the company will be demonstrating how the technology can further increase automation, lights-out running and process control.

Star GB will be situated in hall 19, stand 330 and will be pleased to welcome all visitors with an interest in manufacturing. More information can be found at and registration for MACH 2022 is via its portal at