South West tool company sponsors Cardiff Formula Student team

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Axminster Tools & Machinery is sponsoring Cardiff Racing, the student motorsport team affiliated with the engineering department at Cardiff University. Third in the UK, the team takes part in the Formula Student global student motorsport competition.

Platinum sponsor Axminster is supplying an Axminster CNC Technology iKX3 milling machine, featuring travels of 270 by 152 by 270 mm in X, Y and Z and 12-position ATC, to make components for the car.

Axminster sales director Alan Styles says: “This is a new and exciting project for the company to become involved in, combining education with the fast moving world of engineering and motor racing. A new car being built by the students is still at the manufacturing stage. To support them in this process Axminster is supplying a range of tools and we are also giving them a CNC milling machine on a long term loan basis. We are looking forward to seeing the finished car and how it performs on the track.”

The team is composed of students from all year groups and disciplines, and team members are able to gain valuable experience in many areas including business, design and manufacturing.

Cardiff Racing sponsorship team leader Tom Murray says: “It’s a hands-on project and we like to manufacture as much as we can ourselves. Our horizons have been expanded with the help of Axminster. The CNC milling machine they are providing will allow us to make parts previously beyond our capacities. It will give us, as engineers predominantly involved with project design, a greater understanding of the manufacturing stage of production and it will help us to become a more competitive team.”

Formula Student UK is run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. Universities worldwide compete to design, build and race the best single-seater car. Last year the international competition had over 130 teams from 30 different countries attend and is continuing to grow and be more competitive.