SolidCAM UK set to demonstrate the 'Revolution in CAM' at MACH 2024

2 mins read

SolidCAM UK will be verifying its admission of being one of the most powerful CAM systems in the world at its stand 348, Hall 17 at MACH 2024.

Owing to a core strategy of focussing on integrating with the leading 3D CAD Systems, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor & Solid Edge, which has created major growth as well as establishing SolidCAM as the leader in Integrated CAM, the company vows to inspire and wow attendees with the supremacy of their latest technological advancements.

SolidCAM UK will be showcasing their scalable software which supports all milling and turning functionality, highlighting its powerful support for Advanced Mill-Turn machines including multi-turret, multi-spindle and Sliding Head (Swiss-Type) plus multi-channel synchronisation.

They state that the days of low productivity, modest ROI forecasts and dependence on outdated single-operation machines are numbered. SolidCAM is a driving force behind the Sliding Head (Swiss-Type) revolution, where manufacturing companies will be optimally positioned for the future with these machines that are more complex, risky, and unproductive to program manually on the controller. There is no limit to the number of axes SolidCAM can control and synchronise with Mill/Turn applications.

This provides companies with a cost-effective way to produce small, complex and precision parts in large quantities. The UK & Ireland reseller promotes that their software allows companies to get the most out of their high-end multi-tasking machines and will be on hand to show why SolidCAM is the right partner for you.

The Best-in-Class CAM Solutions for efficient and profitable programming fully integrated inside your CAD, with full tool path associativity, including easy to use technology with fast program creation will be showcased on the stand. In today's world of manufacturing, every minute counts, and every CNC machine must be utilised to the maximum.

Therefore witness the company’s flagship patented and revolutionary SolidCAM iMachining, which is particularly effective on hard and difficult to machine materials such as Inconel and Titanium, with its proven cycle time savings of 70% and more compared to traditional machining solutions, as well as increased tool life by five times or more.

Discover how to benefit from the most tested and proven powerful simultaneous 5-axis machining tool paths in the industry, with a user-friendly interface, collision checking and the most advanced control over all aspects of the tool path, with special strategies and features such as Barrel Cutting, SWARF Machining, Rotary Machining, Multi-Blade Machining, Edge Breaking, Edge Trimming, Multi-Axis Machining, and Port Machining.

Gordon Drysdale, managing director, SolidCAM UK Ltd, said: “We make bold claims that SolidCAM is the Best-in-Class CAM solution; easiest to use system with the shortest learning curve, with technology that can save 70% and more in machining time - even as high as 90%, and advanced CAM functionality that can control the most complex Mill-Turn & Swiss-Type CNC machines.

"On our stand we will demonstrate the FULL power of SolidCAM, and look forward to welcoming our current customers as well as future users, and helping them to advance their manufacturing processes and take them to an entirely new level of CNC performance.”

SolidCAM UK believe that the perfect CAM solution not only involves the best software but also the best support. SolidCAM UK’s Technical and Post Processor support is praised by all of their customers, is a core philosophy of their company and is routinely enhanced to provide even faster support, directly where needed. Find out more about SolidCAM UK’s total array of services on their website